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Our resellers are selected after careful evaluation based on professional criteria to provide a reliable retail network that ensures widespread distribution of the products marketed by us.

hungaro flotta

We would like to provide our partners a firm foundation/background:

The professional excellence and experience of our team as well as our continously updated stock ensures our success. Hungaro Flotta Kft is owned by financially storn Hungarian investors. This gives way to a certain level of independence and felxibility compared to multinational distributors in the regional commerce.

“For tomorrow’s dream we have to work hard, but now”

Numbers are speaking for us

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Today we are supplying countries in the region

200 +

Our partners

600 +

Today we are supplying stores in Hungary

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Our professional colleagues

Stabile distribution on rock solid bases

Our History


Hungaro Flotta Kft. Is a privately held Hungarian company. The owners have been active participants of the technical market since the late 90’s. Thanks to our dedicated professional team and the sound timing within a short strech of time we established a firm place on the market as Hungarys leading distributors of navigation systems. Today we are supplying 7 countries in the region from Romania to the Czech Republic.

Our Strengths


We intend maintain our lead position by\vagy Our competitive advantage derives from\ leveraging professional logistic solutions, cutting edge technology and a highly trained and qualified team of professionals. Internationality (our professional colleagues are fluent in a multitude of languages) Quality (Expertise in product management) Shelf-service (prominent key account managers) Warranty (door to door customer care of the highest standard) Management (efficient cost optimalization)

From our partners perspective


Our creed is the swift and efficient service and support. We are constantly on the look for new horizons to better ourselves and strive to eliminate any and all possible errors while increasing productivity. We would like to provide our partners a firm foundation/background and sustainable, long-term business development. We not only comply to the highest standards of logistics but also provide high-class product management and sales support as well.